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 JSheet Features

Distributed Spreadsheets

Excel Compatibility

Database and Real-Time Connectivity

Multi-User Capabilities

Application Development

JSheet Development Package - Contains a suite of components that enables spreadsheet and web developers to build and deploy interactive and collaborative web-based applications quickly with minimal programming requirements.

Package includes:

  • JSheet Server - Calculation engine and deployment platform

  • JSheet Builder - Build, Protect and Permission your spreadsheet

  • JSheet Java Client - View your live spreadsheet in a browser

  • JSheet Java API - Create custom Java application with this interface

  • JSheet JSP Custom Tags - Build and deploy JSP application (supports AJAX)

  • JSheet Admin Client - Remote server management tool

  • JSheet Load Balancer - Deploy multiple JSheet Servers with load balancing

Features at a Glance:
The table below provides an overview of some key features that are available in JSheet.
Features Description
Distributed Spreadsheets JSheet delivers all the power of customized spreadsheet templates as distributed, collaborative applications.  Existing spreadsheets can be used as the initial source files and users can interact with the spreadsheets from within standard web browsers. Custom application interface can be develop to display and modify/manipulate the data.
Excel Compatibility The JSheet calculation engine is highly compatible with Excel file format. JSheet can import and export Excel files and supports nearly all Excel functions.  JSheet administrators can choose to use Excel files as the universal interchange format.
Database and Real-time Connectivity JSheet supports all ODBC compliant database including  Oracle, Sybase, Informix, DB2, and MS SQL Server etc...  With real-time feed handlers for TIBCO, Reuters and Bloomberg service, JSheet can calculate and distribute real-time market data driven applications.  Some examples include financial dashboards or mashups.
Multi-User Capabilities JSheet provides multi-user features such as security (access privileges) and personal formatting views. Security can be established at the book, sheet or cell level. Worksheet formatting retained on a per user basis, meaning that the data is truly separated from display. This allows users to specify individual formatting attributes which will not be shared by others.
Application Development Developers can create elaborate and sophisticated web applications using standard programming languages such as Java, C/C++, JavaScript and HTML.  JSheet API allows developers to seamlessly integrate spreadsheet functionalities into their applications.