JSheet Calculation Server
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 JSheet Features

Distributed Spreadsheets

Excel Compatibility

Database and Real-Time Connectivity

Multi-User Capabilities

Application Development

JSheet Analytics Engine is a unique server platform designed to provide solutions for applications that require rich computation and analytical capabilities without the need to re-invent the spreadsheet.  Companies can easily deliver applications to users that include calculations, interactive tables and versatile charting features all in real-time.

With JSheet you can develop new spreadsheets or turn your existing spreadsheets into on-demand, secure, multi-user, Java applications.

Business Logic
Maintain spreadsheet logic in spreadsheet format for easy support and maintenance.  Faster development time by running the spreadsheet on a server rather than translating your spreadsheet to Java code and running it.
Data Aggregation
Connect external data sources like real-time market data, database and legacy systems.  Incorporate on-demand data from various sources using built-in support for ODBC, Real-time and Scripting.  Extend to legacy systems using C/C++ and Java API's.
Application Interface
Present your users with customized views to your spreadsheet data including fully interactive tables and charts.  Use the Java API to develop reports and interactive applications that can also deploy across the internet.